Pathaan 3rd Friday (17th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows

Pathaan has taken a steady start on the 3rd Friday (17th Day) Morning Shows as early samples are coming in. There is no occupancy drop as such from the previous day which is a pretty good sign for the coming weekend.

Pathan opens to 5-6% occupancy in the morning shows of day 17. For the same, the day 16 opening was the same at 5-6%. However, screens are reduced and hence there will be a business drop a bit. But again ticket prices are hiked a little for the weekend and that will counter the reduction of screens.

Pathaan has already crossed the 450 crore mark in India and is now aiming to touch and go beyond the 500 crore mark in India. For that film needs to stay strong on the third Friday and then show big growth on Saturday and Sunday. The film is on track to do that.

Pathan Morning Shows Occupancy Report (Samples only) - 

Day 17 (3rd Friday) - 5-6%

Day 16 (3rd Thursday) - 5-6%

Day 15 (3rd Wednesday) - 7%

Day 14 (2nd Tuesday) - 7-8%

Day 13 (2nd Monday) - 9%

Day 12 (2nd Sunday) - 25-30%

Day 11 (2nd Saturday) - 15%

Day 10 (2nd Friday) - 8%

Day 9 (2nd Thursday) - 12-13%

Day 8 (2nd Wednesday) - 15-16%

Day 7 (Tuesday) - 17%

Day 6 (Monday) - 22-23%

Day 5 (Sunday) - 60%

Day 4 (Saturday) - 35-40%

Day 3 (Friday) - 22-23%

Day 2 (Thursday) - 70-75%

Day 1 (Wednesday) - 45%


  1. 4.6-4.8 Fri using 20% drop from 5.75-6.0 Thu
    >75% jump for sure on Saturday. Last week it was +66%.
    30% on Sunday then.

    = 23.6 weekend

  2. Good Analysis.
    I think today it will collect around 5 Crore Nett because Ticket Rates are increased in weekend.
    Tomorrow it will do around 9-9.5 Crore Nett.
    On Sunday, it will see huge jump and will collect around 14 Crore Nett.
    I think it will do around 28.5 Crore Nett Business in Third Weekend.

  3. Sorry to say. But all these figures are highly inflated and fake. This all is being done to save Bollywood in General and Khans in particular.

    1. Then why it was not in the case of laal singh chadda

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