Pathaan 10th Day (2nd Friday) Collection Estimates, Outstanding Hold

Pathaan is showing an outstanding hold on Second Friday (10th Day) at the box office as early trends are coming in. Thus the film is now all set to do huge business in the second weekend and rock the box office again.

Pathan occupancy details for day 10 are provided below. The film opened slowly with 6 to 8% occupancy in the morning shows today. It did pick up at noon and registered 9 to 10% occupancy. The film has shown big growth from evening onwards and as per the latest reporting 25-27% occupancy. 

Delhi is performing extremely well and a jump is seen from the previous day in the evening shows. Circuits like Mumbai have shown a significant drop today. Overall film is reporting a drop in the region of 30% or so. This is a fantastic hold considering today is a normal working day. Also, the film did humongous business already at the ticket counters. Any hold which is less than 40% is touted as good. Here it is much less than that.

The early trend suggests Pathaan Tenth Day Box Office Collection is heading towards a huge 11 (+/-) cr NBOC mark. Again these are early estimates and there are a lot of shows left for the day. Also, major reports from interiors are awaited at this moment. Hence, the final count for the day will be higher or lower depending on these factors. Pathan total collection at the end of Day 10 is heading towards 375 (+/-) cr NBOC mark.

Pathaan Occupancy Details for Day 10 (Samples only) - 

Morning - 6-8%

Noon - 9-10%

Evening-Night - 25-27%


  1. BOI is reporting 13cr Hindi Friday. So all languages should be 14cr.
    = 65 2nd weekend

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