Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania 5th Day (Tuesday) Collection Estimates

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Box Office Collection Estimates

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is on a free fall mode now. Despite having a decent first weekend, the film is heading toward a below-par first-week total. This is mainly due to a big drop on Monday and another significant drop seen on Tuesday.

Ant-Man is registering a drop of 20% approx on Day 5. This is again not a good sign. The film is losing its steam rapidly and looks like there will be nothing much left for the second week. It is easily one of the worst trending films from Marvel in recent times.

The early trend suggests Ant-Man Fifth Day Box Office Collection is heading towards 1.75 (+/-) cr NBOC approx. Thus, the film's total collection at the end of Day 5 stands at 30 (+/-) cr NBOC approx.

Ant-Man Occupancy Details Day Wise - 

Ant-Man Day 5 (Tuesday) Occupancy - 7-7.5%

Ant-Man Day 4 (Monday) Occupancy - 9%

Ant-Man Day 3 (Sunday) Occupancy - 27-28%

Ant-Man Day 2 (Saturday) Occupancy - 26%

Ant-Man Day 1 (Friday) Occupancy - 23-24%


  1. 8 is a bit underwhelming.
    Sat is mahashrivratri but marvel movies can be front-loaded.
    8+10+12 = 30
    word of mouth is mixed, not very good.
    50cr NBOC (all languages) looks like the target. may miss it by 5cr.

    1. 9.5 sat, again underwhelming.
      marvel and superhero movies, especially sequels, will be front-loaded.
      sun bump won't be much higher than 15%.
      2x that lifetime at most for 57 nboc. but high-40s is more likely.

    2. 8.50
      = 27.50 weekend
      20 more in rest of the run looks like it for 47.5 finish.

    3. The weekdays are horrible. It will soon go under Pathan which is towards it's end. Low-40cr lifetime NBOC (all languages) or less.

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