Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan eyeing 400-500 cr in India and 800-1000 cr Worldwide

Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan is not only smashing box office opening records but also chasing the all time records now. Firstly, the film registered an excellent hold on Friday and as per the latest showing an excellent jump on Saturday. Though it is too early to make any prediction, but looking at the trend of Friday and early morning samples on Saturday, it is eyeing 400-500 cr NBOC in India. It means it is on target to be the first film from Bollywood to achieve this feat.

No film of SRK has done 300 cr NBOC in India and it looks like he will make a direct entry in the 400 crore club. Take that! The film is doing outstandingly well and there is no doubt that it will smash all box office records in the International market also except the China box office. $35-40 million from Overseas looks like a real possibility now although it is too early to make such a statement.

Say, if Pathaan does a lifetime business of 450 cr NBOC in India then the gross collection will be around 540-550 cr. And say if the film does $35 million business from the Overseas market which looks bare minimum now, then in INR it will be around 280-290 cr. It means a worldwide business of INR 830 cr approx looks like a real possibility now. Again it is early days and we are making such bold predictions based on the first 3-4 days of business. It means if the film trends extraordinarily in the coming days a 900 or even 1000 cr business globally can't be ruled out.

SRK has never taken his stardom seriously in the last decade or so. He struggled to even touch the 200 cr NBOC mark in India whereas his contemporaries are touching the 300 cr mark. Yes, SRK did try to do different genre films in the last 10 years but again those films didn't do any justice to the stature of his mega-stardom. In fact, it again boils down to the simple fact that a good film will run at the box office no matter what. And most of his films from the last 10 years don't fall in that category. Just see when he got the right film and how it has done wonders at the box office. 

Pathaan shows the real potential of Bollywood. Bollywood is not dying as mentioned by certain sections of media and people. Honestly, we think Pathaan is just the trailer. Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost. With big films lined up in 2023 sky is the limit for Bollywood. Again after seeing the massive result of Pathaan, we hope that the makers and producers will now do all the corrections and hopefully, try to make larger than life films that can be celebrated on the big screens. And finally, we are happy that KING KHAN is back to the place where he truly belongs!


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