Pathaan Tuesday Mid-Day Box Office Report

Pathaan Tuesday (Day 7) vs Monday (Day 6) Occupancy Comparison

Pathaan is showing a first noticeable drop at the box office and that also has come on day 7. However, samples are taken from morning and noon shows only. Evening and night shows are not started and there is a possibility that the film will recover some ground as we expect a big occupancy jump in those shows.

Pathaan Tuesday and Monday Occupancy

Despite the drop, the film should score big on Tuesday as Monday's numbers were simply outstanding. Till the last reported filled in, the film is reporting a drop in the region of 25% or so. The drop is not at all alarming as the film is already into the 7th day and already a huge number of people have watched the film already.

Pathan is eyeing a huge 20 cr NBOC for the day. The final count will be higher or lower depending on how the film performs in the remaining shows of the day and also how it performs in the B and C centers.

Pathaan Occupancy Comparison Tuesday (Day 7) vs Monday (Day 6) -

Morning Shows -

Day 6 (Monday) - 20-25%

Day 7 (Tuesday) - 15-20% (- 20-25%)

Noon Shows - 

Day 6 (Monday) - 28-30%

Day 6 (Monday) - 20-22% (- 25-30%)

Evening-Night Shows - 

Day 6 (Monday) - 55%

Day 7 (Tuesday) - Shows have not started

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