Avatar 2 crosses $1.5 billion Worldwide, Emerges SMASH HIT

Avatar: The Way of Water crossed the $1.5 billion mark worldwide at the end of the third week. Numbers will go higher as a few circuit reports are still awaited. Thus, the film has emerged as the 10th All Time Grosser Worldwide. It is racing towards challenging the top grossers now.

Avatar 2 collected a huge $465 million from the Domestic (Northern America) market. Collections are steady and the film is all set to zoom past the $500 million mark in the coming days. The film has added a whopping $1051.6 million from the International market.

Again the China box office leads the international market with a staggering $168.6 million in business. Followed by France ($96.1 million), Korea ($78.2 million), Germany ($76.5 million), and the United Kingdom ($60.9 million). 

The way film is trending it should touch the $ 2 billion mark in the coming days. Above that it is too early to predict and in the coming days picture will be pretty clear. So far the film is doing great business and has emerged as a Smash Hit.

Important International Markets (in Gross):

Northern America: $465 million

China: $168.6 million

France: $96.1 million

Korea: $78.2 million

Germany: $76.5 million

United Kingdom: $60.9  million

India: $51.9 million

Mexico: $40 million

Australia: $39.4 million

Italy: $34.8 million

Spain: $32.2 million

Brazil: $26.4 million

Japan: $20.2 million

Worldwide (Total): $1516.6 million

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