Avatar 2 Movie Review

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Star Cast - Michelle Yeoh, Kate Winslet, Zoe Saldana

Director - James Cameron

Release Date - 16th December 2022

Total Reviews - 13

Average Score - 3.75/5

Overall Word of Mouth (Critics) - Positive!

1. India Today -

Rating Score -> 4/5
Avatar: The Way of Water comes 13 years after the first, yet when the movie starts you feel like you saw the first part just yesterday. It isn’t perfect, it’s messy but if you surrender to Cameron’s vision and let the 3D experience take the lead you are in for a huge treat ! Avatar: The Way of Water is a terrific follow up to one of the biggest films in cinematic history. Do not miss this one!

2. Hindustan Times -

Rating Score -> n/a
Avatar: The Way Of Water is a stunning spectacle that is mounted by a passionate filmmaker who knows exactly how to mould action and emotion together for an enjoyable time at the movies. Don't miss it.

3. Times of India -

Rating Score -> 4.5/5
The way of water connects all things. The sea is our home before our birth and after we die.” Beyond the 3D visual spectacle that Avatar is, something we trust James Cameron to deliver, the franchise’s beauty lies in its underlying spiritual arc and ode to continuity of life. Life finds a way. It evolves no matter the surroundings as love is transformative.

4. Taran Adarsh -

Rating Score -> 5/5
#Avatar: MASTERPIECE. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ SPELLBINDING visuals… STUNNING action… STRONG drama… TERRIFIC second and third act… #Avatar is a CINEMATIC MARVEL that needs to be watched on the largest screen possible… DON’T MISS IT! #AvatarReview

5. News 18 -

Rating Score -> 3.5/5
Avatar: The Way of Water comes with massive expectations, considering James Cameron made fans wait for 13 years before he returned to Pandora. The director, who has delivered some of the most memorable cinematic experiences, lives up to visual expectations. Avatar: The Way of Water is far richer and bigger than its 2009 precedent. Cameron plays it smart with both halves, banking on nostalgia in the first half while serenading us with the new world in the second.

6. Deccan Herald -

Rating Score -> 4/5
Director James Cameron's mega space adventure Avatar is now 13 years old, and to this day, remains a visual spectacle with incredible production values...though the same cannot necessarily be said about its plot. The Way of Water, though, is at least a respectable step up from the first film, even though it broadly follows the same beats as the first one - but with its own flair.

7. Rediff -

Rating Score -> 2.5/5
At the end, Avatar: The Way of Water feels like a poorly chosen present -- the wrapping is beautiful, but the gift inside is a disappointment. That's not the way to go about it.

8. Zee News -

Rating Score -> 3.5/5
What works for the film is the emotional connection one feels throughout. Having invested fervently in it, few would write off the characters or the film with nonchalance. There may be some who don't think much, but Cameron's vision must be seen and experienced to tell coming generations of all age groups what a far-sighted, inventive and original dreamer he is.

9. NDTV -

Rating Score -> 4/5
The unrelenting pace of the narrative, the amazing quality of the CGI work and the consistently sharp delineation of the characters make Avatar: The Way of Water a follow-up that is just as good as, if not better than, its precursor. It is and ceaselessly inventive and spectacularly entertaining. It is what cinematic sorcery looks like at its best.

10. The Hindu -

Rating Score -> n/a
James Cameron’s film is immersive, but with a basic storyline. It has stunning visuals that get elevated on a big IMAX screen. However, the plot is less than engaging, the dialogues are clunky, and you wish it was shorter

11. Indian Express -

Rating Score -> 3.5/5
James Cameron takes immersive to another dazzling level. Avatar 2 is just stunning in the parts it skims along the water, dives deep, rolls around joyously, keeping up with the incredible creatures who live in the deep.

12. The Week -

Rating Score -> 3/5
Despite the flaws, Avatar: The Way of Water is definitely a film you should watch on the biggest of screens possible if you love Cameron and his cinema.

13. Komal Nahta -

Rating Score -> n/a
Avatar: The Way Of Water is a blockbuster. It could prove to be Hollywood’s biggest grosser in India so far. It will also be among the top Hindi grossers of all time.

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