Thank God is Falling Apart as Extended First Week is Coming to an End

Thank God is falling apart as the extended first week is now coming to an end. The film is reporting significant drops and low collections each passing day and it looks like there is not much left for the second week.

Thank God collected 33.45 crore nett approx in the first 9 days. Film's first week is now heading towards 34.25-34.5 crore nett approx. Box office numbers are absolutely shocking considering it got released during the Diwali festive time.

Thank God got a somewhat decent opening on 1st Tuesday but after that, it was all downhill from there on. The way film is falling apart it might even struggle to go past the 40 crore nett mark. Forget about the half-century mark now. The film will emerge as a Flop at the box office and even a miracle can't save it from the flop verdict now.

Collection Breakup - 

Day 1 (Tuesday) - 8 crore nett

Day 2 (Wednesday) - 6 crore nett

Day 3 (Thursday) - 4.1 crore nett

Day 4 (Friday) - 3.4 crore nett

Day 5 (Saturday) - 3.75 crore nett 

Day 6 (Sunday) - 4 crore nett

Day 7 (Monday) - 1.7 crore nett

Day 8 (2nd Tuesday) - 1.4 crore nett

Day 9 (2nd Wednesday) - 1.1 crore nett approx

Total - 33.45 crore nett approx


  1. Life time 38cr disaster.I said before 40cr max. A person comment on 1st day Diwali week. Will collect around 80cr. Hope this person se this message

  2. Yes, i was the person. I was completly wrong. Both movies tanked

    1. TG should done better. Good review, full promotion, hit should done around 60cr but Diester. RS done poor but with no promotion, no song, bad review still managed around 70cr ill say fair. Current situation

    2. audience dont care for reviews. Promotion of movies done, but the movie looks like 90s...RS did mainly well in north bec of Ram factor otherwise it fall flat after the good first day

    3. only by 1-2 cracking jokes the audience dont show up in cinema

  3. On the other side i am happy that bad films flop badly

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