Thank God Day 9 (2nd Wednesday) Collection Update for Morning Shows

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Thank God is registering low occupancy now. Collections have also come down to a very low level and there are still 2 more days to the end of the first week. The way film is falling apart there is no doubt that film screening will be reduced heavily and thus, collections will come further down on 2nd Friday.

Thank God opened to just 5% occupancy in the morning shows today. Occupancy is quite low and news of shows getting canceled is coming from places. The occupancy drop from the previous day is 10% or so but again that is of no use as it is already at the lowest level.

Thank God collected 32.5 crore nett approx in the first eight days. Film's extended first week total is heading towards the 34.5-35 crore nett range. The way film is coming down, a lifetime business of 45 crores NBOC is looking tough right now. This is absolutely shocking to say as half-century mark should have been a cakewalk considering it is released in Diwali festive time.

Occupancy Report for Morning Shows - 

Day 9 - 5%

Day 8 - 5-6%

Day 7 - 6-7%

Day 6 - 11-12%

Day 5 - 9-10%

Day 4 - 7-8%

Day 3 - 8%

Day 2 - 14-15%

Day 1 - 19%

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