Thank God Second Day Box Office Collection

Thank God goes down on day 2 (Wednesday) although the drop is not significant. Despite a normal drop, it is not acceptable as day 1 collections were below par. Hence, day 2 business also remained below the mark.

Thank God collected 6 crore nett approx on the 2nd day. Thus, the drop from the first day is around 25%. In most cases, a 25% drop would have been acceptable, but here it is not. Thank God total business thus stands at 14 crore nett approx at the end of day 2.

Thank God needs to sustain well on Thursday (day 3) and Friday (day 4) now. If the film shows a further significant drop then it will be an uphill task in the coming days. A drop in the region of 10% will be acceptable. Anything more will be alarming.

Collection Breakup

Day 1 (Tuesday) - 8 crore nett

Day 2 (Wednesday) - 6 crore nett

Total - 14 crore nett


  1. flop hai bhai flop..only 6 cr. on a holiday :-)

  2. an unexciting plot and copied songs dont make it anymore at the audience as they become smart now...this movie will be forgotten in few days...who will spend for such movies money in cinema...wait some weeks for OTT

  3. Not just this movie every bollywood movie will struggle this year.
    Unless it's a event movie with huge buzz then it's a big chance to do well

  4. Life time max 40cr. Had decent review but still collection very low

  5. All movies will be flop regardless of the actor. Bollywood movies going down

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