Thank God Day 6 (Sunday) Collection Update for Morning Shows

Thank God is showing a slightly better occupancy on Sunday (6th day) morning shows. However, the growth is only marginally better and not that huge. Hopefully the film will show significant growth in the noon and afternoon shows now.

Thank God has opened to 11-12% occupancy in the morning shows today. For the same, Saturday opening was around 9-10%. It means a jump of 20-25% is seen when only morning shows are taken into consideration.

Thank God has underperformed so far at the box office. The trend is also not that good. Film failed to see a major jump on Saturday (5th day) which did a big dent on the box office performance. Because of that there is a possibility that film may fail to see a major growth on Sunday also.

Occupancy Report for Morning Shows - 

Day 6 - 11-12%

Day 5 - 9-10%

Day 4 - 7-8%

Day 3 - 8%

Day 2 - 14-15%

Day 1 - 19%

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