Ram Setu vs Thank God Screen Count as on 25th October 2022

Ram Setu and Thank God are the two big releases of this week and are released on post-Diwali day which is easily one of the biggest single days at the box office. Despite the release on one of the best days of the year, both films have taken a slow start at the box office and that is a bit sad to say.

Ram Setu has managed to get 2900-3000 screens across India. That is a good number considering the film is clashing with Thank God. A film can do a huge business with a such number of screens. The only thing is that it gets the desired footfalls in the coming days.

Thank God has also managed decent screenings of 2500-2600 approx across India. The screen count is good again and hopefully, the film will see the necessary footfalls in the coming days. The advance booking report of the film is poor and we hope that it registers a good number of spot bookings at least today.

Screen Count as on 25 October 2022

Ram Setu - 2900-3000 approx

Thank God - 2500-2600 approx

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