Ram Setu Movie Review

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Star Cast - Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nushrratt Bharuccha

Director - Abhishek Sharma

Release Date - 25th October 2022

Total Reviews - 12

Average Score - 1.61/5

Overall Word of Mouth (Critics) - Negative!

1. Taran Adarsh -

Rating Score -> 2.5/5
#RamSetu: MEDIOCRE. Rating: ⭐️⭐️½ Interesting premise, stunning visuals, decent first half, wonderful performances [#AkshayKumar, #SatyaDev]… But the second hour falls flat… Subject had tremendous potential, but the writing is a mess. #RamSetuReview

2. India Today -

Rating Score -> 2/5
Ram Setu feels highly underwhelming. It has little or no cinematic appeal. In the end, it is neither funny nor serious. We sincerely hope Ajay Devgn's Thank God is a better offering for this one is simply a Diwali dud.

3. Times of India -

Rating Score -> 2/5
There’s also a poor man’s, Iron Man like (minus Jarvis) underwater suit that Akshay slips into for this expedition that fails to heighten your curiosity and awe. If the build-up is disappointing, the climax only gets worse. 

4. NDTV -

Rating Score -> 1/5
Akshay Kumar's Film Is About A Floating Stone But Has No Clue How To Stay Afloat. Experts are huddled in a floating laboratory aboard a ship out at sea and terms such as carbon dating, sonar imaging and global warming are bandied about. But forget science, this isn't even proper, passable fiction.

5. Hindustan Times -

Rating Score -> n/a
Ram Setu takes the best from the Indiana Jones and National Treasure schools of storytelling and injects some desi action in it. Sadly, it also injects Bollywood’s melodrama. Once you manage to look past all that though, Ram Setu takes you on a fun ride.

6. News 18 -

Rating Score -> 0.5/5
As horrible as the plot or the story, the VFX is another aspect of the film that makes it cringe-worthy! The sea, the corals, the diving vessels, and even the Ram Setu itself is not appealing. Action sequences in the movie are also something that is gold reserve for those who love cringe content!

7. India TV -

Rating Score -> 2/5
Akshay Kumar starrer will appeal to sensibilities of 5-year-olds. Ram Setu goes down a predictable path and is barely interested in getting the viewers invested in the quest to unravel the truth about Lord Ram. It is another disappointing fare from Akshay Kumar.

8. Rediff -

Rating Score -> 1.5/5
Akshay Kumar's choice of films is getting to be increasingly bizarre, though this one would have been tough for anyone to carry off. Logic is not the film's strong point, and it takes the audience's credulity for granted.

9. Komal Nahta -

Rating Score -> n/a
Ram Setu has a fairly good courtroom drama and the portion that follows it, both of which will be loved by the devout Hindu audiences but the film otherwise lacks conviction. It will, therefore, not do much at the box-office in spite of the advantage of the Diwali holidays and festive spirit.

10. Anupama Chopra -

Rating Score -> n/a

11. Indian Express -

Rating Score -> 1.5/5
Akshay Kumar’s film is all very Amar Chitra Katha without the story-telling skills. Akshay Kumar's latest film is a pedestrian experience, which is interested only in hammering home its message.

12. Deccan Herald -

Rating Score -> 1.5/5
The Akshay Kumar-starrer is sure to disappoint even his hardcore fans. It certainly is the contender for the top slot for the Bollywood’s biggest flops of all time. This ‘Diwali gift’ justifies the popular argument that Bollywood directors have mostly forgotten the art of filmmaking.


  1. Don't trust them review.
    Watch both movies today.
    Both are decent 3*

  2. Agree, movie is hit

  3. Itne sare negetive reviews, pakka movie achi chalegi, lier reviewers

  4. it seems again people give a s*hit about critics...as TG got better reviews, but on the other side its a nice OTT movie than spending again money for cinema

  5. Don't believe this somosa reviews.
    Watch the movie you decide 3.5*. Very decent movie

  6. I agree good movie 3*

  7. Ek Baar Khud Jake Dekhoge To Bahar Nikal Ke Ye Riw..Walo Ki Tum Waat Laga Donge..Ramsetu Zabbardust Film Hai..Ye Kiraye Ke Tattu Ki Bato Me Na Aaye..

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