Ram Setu Monday (7th Day) Box Office Collection Estimates, Registers Big Drop

Ram Setu is showing a significant drop on Monday (7th day) at the box office as early trends for the day is coming in. The film is reporting a drop of around 45% approx from 1st Friday which is significant. Generally, such a drop is acceptable but not in the case of Ram Setu as the film is already underperforming.

As per the early estimates, Ram Setu Seventh Day Box Office Collection is heading towards a 3-3.5 crore nett range. Samples are very limited at this moment and hence, the final count for the day may vary. Thus, film total business at the end of day 7 is heading towards the 59-59.5 crore nett range.

Ram Setu should touch 66-67 crore nett by the end of the extended first week now. Thus, the film's lifetime collection will wrap up under the 80 crore nett mark. Even if the film shows a decent trend in the second week and touches 80 crores NBOC, will not collect much after that.

Ram Setu is all set to emerge as a Flop now unless it shows a decent trend through the rest of the first weekdays and the second week. A good trend from here on will lead the film to a below-average or average verdict at the very best. 

A film released on a wide number of screens and in the Diwali festive time should have at least touched the 100 crore nett mark. Monday's results suggest the film will fall short of a par score by a minimum of 20 crores at least. It might be even more.


  1. Its sad to see good movies not doing well. Very bad for the industry up coming movies will struggle aswell

  2. It's not about stars anymore its all bollywood movies going down the hill.
    I don't think any more this year will do well. Hope forget 2022. Restart 2023.

  3. Im not a fan of akshay or ajay it's sad to see movies like that not well. We should all support every actors movie

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