Ram Setu and Thank God Advance Booking Details

The day after Diwali is considered one of the biggest single days at the box office India. On this day crowds throng into theatres to watch movies and that has been a norm for the last few decades. But sadly, this Diwali might be sedate at the box office unless there is a big push in the spot booking.

Sadly, both Ram Setu and Thank God advances are quite low and which is shocking. There is still one day left and hopefully, a big push will be seen at the ticket counters. Another sad news is that the screen allocation tussle is still going on and hence, advances have not started in many cinema halls.

Now coming to the advances of Ram Setu and Thank God. Ram Setu is registering an advance of 5-7% so far in the selected cinema halls. This is extremely low. Advances of Thank God are even poor with around 5% so far seen.

As 25th October 2022 is a national holiday there should be a big push in the spot booking. But chances are that despite the big push first-day collections may remain much low thanks to the poor response to the advance booking of both these films. As far as screen count is concerned both films should get decent screenings across India. It is all about occupancy which may remain low on a national holiday also.

Ram Setu Advance Booking for 25th October 2022 - 5-7% approx (Samples from Limited Cinemas)

Thank God Advance Booking for 25th October 2022 - 5% approx (Samples from Limited Cinemas)



  1. I said before no bollywood movie will work on boxoffice anymore unless event movie has good content and hype. Any actor movie will be flop

  2. No movie will cross 100cr unless Hugh buzz on the movie like tiger 3,BMCM, Dunki

    1. I agree big fan of salman Khan.
      Bhaijaan will be big flop. Tiger 3 has big chances to be hit

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