Brahmastra touches 250 cr NBOC on 4th Friday (Day 22)

Brahmastra touched the 250 cr NBOC mark on 22nd Day (4th Friday) at the box office. This is a big feat post-pandemic as the film has failed left and right and biggies have struggled even to touch 100 crore nett in India. Hence, some celebration should be done. But again film is made on a colossal budget and collections easily could have been better.

Brahmashtra added 70 lakh nett approx on Day 22. Thus, the film total from the Hindi version is 227.5 crore nett approx. Film total from all languages stands at 250.2 crore nett approx. As a big drop is seen on 4th Friday lifetime business will wrap up in around 260 crore nett mark.

Brahmastra will emerge as a Semi Hit or Hit in its theatrical run in India. The Film Hindi version total in India is heading towards 235 crore nett finish. All language total is heading towards 260 crore nett finish. The film lifetime distributor share from all languages will be around 125 crores approx. The film will entitle a bit of loss which can easily be compensated in the upcoming parts as makers have already stated that around 70-80 crores are directed towards part 2 and 3 from the original budget of 410 crores.

Collection Breakup (Hindi only) - 

Friday - 31.75 cr nett

Saturday - 36.75 cr nett

Sunday - 38.75 cr nett

Monday - 13.8 cr nett

Tuesday - 11.1 cr nett

Wednesday - 9.5 cr nett

Thursday - 8.1 cr nett

2nd Friday - 8.35 cr nett

2nd Saturday - 14 cr nett

2nd Sunday - 15 cr nett

2nd Monday - 4 cr nett 

2nd Tuesday - 3.4 cr nett

2nd Wednesday - 3 cr nett

2nd Thursday - 2.6 cr nett

3rd Friday - 8.7 cr nett

3rd Saturday - 5.55 cr nett

3rd Sunday - 6.3 cr nett

3rd Monday - 1.9 cr nett

3rd Tuesday - 1.6 cr nett

3rd Wednesday - 1.4 cr nett

3rd Thursday - 1.25 cr nett

4th Friday - 0.7 cr nett approx

Total (Hindi) - 227.5 cr nett approx

Total (All Language) - 250.2 cr nett approx


  1. Great collection 👌 however when u make a movie of 400cr plus you accept this kind of figures so u can't compare with other movies

  2. Big budget movie only cross 250cr in India. Big flop look at South movies or compare with kgf2 400cr alone india

  3. When movie can't recover the budget from India. Always none as flop.
    Yes worldwide collection over 400cr is excellent blockbuster. India flop

  4. Bharmstra should collect min 350cr India. Worldwide should been over 600cr then say it was good collection

  5. Only reason this movie done good business. The hype of the movie like Vfx ,big budget also took long time to make. Movie was avarge

  6. Compare with RRR or kgf2 then say if the business good or not.

  7. Big budget took long time to make
    You only accept 250cr India
    Comon it's should been 300cr club min

  8. ha ha ha Crapastra even with corp bookings is disaster 250nett 410 budget 😂😂

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