Ticket Re-Correction is Bringing Audiences Back to Theatres

It looks like finally, the exhibition sector has got the formula correct to bring audiences back to the theatres. It is none other than the recorrection of ticket prices in cinema halls. It is still in the experimentation stage though.

First ticket prices were reduced on 23rd September 2022 and we saw Housefull boards across the nation. Now ticket prices are again reduced from today which is Monday and we already see a better occupancy in the morning shows.

Ticket prices are capped at 100 with 12% GST. It means tickets are available at just 112 rupees in most of the multiplexes and the results are out. We already see a good number of people coming to theatres to watch the film in the morning shows itself. 

Brahmastra is getting most of the benefit for sure. Chup is the other beneficiary and Avatar is another one. In fact, every film that is running in theatres right now is punching above the weight. There is Vikram Vedha releasing in theatres in a few days time and it will be interesting to see what path they will take.

Maybe in the first weekend prices will be back to the normal high level, which again is incorrect as per our opinion. We hope that at least from Monday prices are kept at a competitive level so that we see a good increase in the footfall.

Anyways still it is in the early stages of experimentation and we hope that in a month or two exhibitors choose the correct pricing for big event films, medium, and small budgeted films. 

Tell us in the comment section what is the correct ticket prices for Holidays and weekends and for working weekdays which might attract and pull audiences back to the theatres.

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