National Cinema Day is Going the Decide Future Course of Indian Exhibition Sector

All India multiplex association has joined hands to celebrate National Cinema Day on 23rd September 2022 which is tomorrow. Most of the multiplex chain has decided to cap the ticket price at INR 75 for the whole day. And the result is that every show is sold out for the day or about to be sold out. There is no doubt that history will be created this Friday.

Brahmastra is the biggest benefit of this National Cinema Day as it has got the major shows and screens. Almost all the shows for the day are Sold Out or about to be Sold Out. The story is the same be it for metros or in interiors. 

Huge advances for the day suggest there is public waiting to watch films in theatres if the correct ticketing price is done. At the moment there is no doubt that the Average Ticket Price (ATP) is at an all-time high. A family of 3 or 4 finds it difficult to watch the film in theatres as they have to spend 1000 rupees around at least to watch a film. Hence, families generally pick and choose films to watch in theatres. 

This is also true that INR 75 is too low and multiplexes will find it difficult to keep that price in the future. There is no doubt that an ATP of 180-200 is too high and an ATP of 75 is too low. So, what is the solution? No doubt deliberation will take place now after the stupendous advance booking seen for Friday.

As per our opinion, if an ATP is kept at around INR 120 then there will definitely be an increase in the footfalls. Especially, the low and medium-budgeted films should adopt that path. Ideally, the ATP for weekends should be around INR 150, and for weekdays should be at INR 90-100. This will definitely generate more footfalls. An experiment should be conducted regarding ticket prices in the future and it should be done for a few months and especially for multiple films. Then only a correct middle path will be attained regarding the ticket prices.

We still think the current ATP of multiplexes is a bit high and it is keeping a section of audiences away, who prefer to watch the films at home or on OTT when it is released. With the proper reduction of price, those audiences will also visit the theatres at least to watch some of the films if not all. We hope, the Multiplex Association of India looks into the matter and does some serious introspection regarding the ticket prices.

Official Statment of Multiplex Association of India on Record Sales National Cinema Day


  1. Boycott bollywood bolne wale logoon ke muuh mein joordaar tamaacha jo ki saaloon baad tak sunaaye dega.audience theatres tak isliye nahi aati thi ki ATP mango people ke pahunch se baahar thi ATP kam hua toh dekh ligiye AALAM JANAB Theatres mein jagah kam pad gaye hai

  2. Bollywood is the biggest film industry in India. South is nothing

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