Brahmastra Second Weekend Box Office Collection, It's Very Good

Brahmastra had a very good second weekend at the box office. The film in the process crossed 200 cr NBOC from all languages. Good second-weekend business gives the film hope to emerge as a success (Above Average/Semi Hit/Hit) if it does well in the third weekend now. Weekday business will come down as that has been the norm for the film. Hence, the 3rd weekend is crucial now. A below par third weekend means film will emerge as an average fare at the box office.

Brahmashtra collected 15 crore nett approx on 2nd Sunday (day 10). The jump from 2nd Saturday is around 5-10% which is slightly low than our predicted estimates yesterday. It is mainly due to the film showing a significant drop in occupancy in the night and late night shows in comparison to the 2nd Saturday.

Brahmastra collected 37.35 crore nett approx in the second weekend from the Hindi version. The film added another 2.3 crore nett from the other languages. Thus, film total business for the second weekend from all languages stands at a very good 39.65 crore nett approx.

Brahmastra Hindi total currently stands at 187.1 cr NBOC, whereas all language total stands at 208 crore nett mark. Brahmastra should touch the 223-224 crore nett mark by the end of the second week. A 240 cr NBOC lifetime collection looks almost certain now unless there is a big drop on 3rd Friday. It will be touch and go for the 250 crore nett mark. Again if the film holds strongly on day 15 then the film will easily touch 250 cr or go beyond that.

Collection Breakup (Hindi only) - 

Friday - 31.75 cr nett

Saturday - 36.75 cr nett

Sunday - 38.75 cr nett

Monday - 13.8 cr nett

Tuesday - 11.1 cr nett

Wednesday - 9.5 cr nett

Thursday - 8.1 cr nett

2nd Friday - 8.35 cr nett

2nd Saturday - 14 cr nett

2nd Sunday - 15 cr nett

Total (Hindi) - 187.1 cr nett approx

Total (All Language) - 208 cr nett approx


  1. If the film goes past 250cr lifetime, and the budget is 410cr approx, its very difficult to understand how it will be Average or a theatrical Hit in India.

    1. i will make you understand because if this movie crosses 410 worldwide then it will be total recovery for producers because nowadays they get good amount for ott rights and if we take rrr then worldwide business was1150crore budget was 600crore so how can we say that it was blockbuster because they recovered budget fron theatrical rights and digital price were profit

    2. RRR India nett 770+.... Crapastra 250 (Corp bookings)

      Nobody cares WW as we saw Tingu Fake in China, PRK fake in dubai collections 🤣😂

    3. when distributors and exhibutors make money that movie is considered successful in that area . when distributors and exhibutors make a certain amount of profit than that movie is considered a hit in that place. when overall distributors and exhibutors make profit in a certain amount than that movie is considered a hit.

  2. Bollywood mein sab chalta hai

  3. Flop movid fake collection dete rarho kuch faida nahi honewala hai

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