Brahmastra Second Friday (8th Day) Box Office Collection Early Estimates, Solid Hold

Brahmastra is showing a solid hold at the box office on the 8th day (2nd Friday) as early trends are coming in. The film is not only showing a superb hold but also showing growth in many places. This is fantastic news and it looks like 2nd Friday will collect the same as 1st Thursday or even slightly better in the final count.

Brahmashtra day 8 occupancy details are given below. When samples are compared with 1st Thursday then we see that the business is nearly the same or a marginal jump of 5% around is seen. That is fantastic news! Occupancy growth is significant but again there is a reduction in shows on day 8.

Brahmastra Occupancy Report for 2nd Friday (Hindi Version Samples only) - 

Morning - 8-10%

Noon - 13-15%

Evening-Night - 30-32%

The early trend suggests Brahmastra Eighth Day Box Office Collection from the Hindi version is heading towards the 8-8.5 (+/-) crore nett range. These are early estimates and the final count for the day may vary.

Thus, the Hindi version total at the end of the 8th day is heading towards the 158 (+/-) crore nett range. All language total is heading towards a good 177.5 (+/-) crore nett range. 

Anyways solid hold with no drop as such is extremely good news for the film. It looks like the film will strike big in the weekend and then may go slow on weekdays. A 35 crore plus second weekend is very much on cards. If the film shows a big jump on Saturday and Sunday then a 40 crore nett weekend is also achievable.


  1. Bechare KHANS aur KHAN fans are in shock...
    Zero - 85 Crores
    Antim - 30 Crores
    Lal Singh Chaddha - 60 Crores

    Brahmastra - 175 Crores(85+30+60) already done and Counting...Yeh dil maange more

    1. Shamshera under 50 jab khaa mrr gaya th
      Or antim salman k extend cameo movie thi
      Anpad jake pdhle.. Lsc ka mnta ka b .. pr shamshera ka bhul gaya
      Tumlog na Andhkt he rhna
      Hr jgha gali kahne wle kam kroge 🤣

    2. Indian box-office ke jitne v top 10 record hoga n.....usme apne dadu(Salman) ko dhundhna....5 baar dikhai dega

  2. What about footfalls? What about HAHK, DDLJ or Dangal?

  3. 177.5 All India 1 week Nett
    35 2nd weekend
    12 2nd weekdays
    9 3rd weekend
    4 3rd weekdays
    3 4th weekend
    2 4th weekdays
    = 242.5cr+ All India nett total

    1. Itna v aa jaye to wo v kafi h....first part tha....iska dusra part keh ke lega jitne v indian movie h

  4. Ch* budda khans are EDX made fake PR stars 🤣🤣

    1. Pr ka jaroorat khiloda Kumar ko h

    2. Bhai, No need to abuse KHANS. They are also Indians and have done so much for Indian economy.

      Now their time is over as they have become old but we should respect their old work. Same is true for Akshay and Ajay Devgan also. All these peoe have co tributes to the growth of Indian Film industry and InDian economy

  5. Bakeaas movie....fake occupancy rate is ediotic....they made movie with 400cr budget.....not even close to it....bakkeaas movie ....ediotic actors......

  6. Very true....fake news being spread no one watching this .
    ....just making fools of people saying it's making money

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