Brahmastra Day 5 (Tuesday) Collection Update for Morning Shows

Brahmastra is showing a significant drop on Tuesday (5th day) morning shows as early samples are coming in. This is not a good sign as the film needed a better hold. Anyways these are just morning shows and hopefully, the film will recover ground in the latter half of the day.

Brahmashtra opened to 10-12% occupancy in the morning shows today. For the same, Monday opening was 16%. It means a drop of 30-35% is seen when only morning shows are taken into consideration. Ideally, a drop of 10-15% is accepted at the most. Here it is much more than that.

Brahmastra collected just ok on Monday at the box office. Hence, Tuesday's box office numbers should have been close to Monday. But morning says otherwise. Let's see how things unfold in evening and night shows which are extremely crucial for the film. On Monday the film recovered big ground in the evening and night and we are hoping that story remains the same for Tuesday also.

Occupancy Report for Morning Shows (Samples only) - 

Tuesday - 10-12%

Monday - 16%

Sunday - 55-60%

Saturday - 46%

Friday - 31-32%


  1. Oh no, this is not a good sign.

  2. I don't know why they are wondering the collection going downhill. The movie might got huge opening because of highest ticket rate bec of 3D too, but that was because curiosity. The movie is bad, so its not accepted. We could see that yesterday and today and the next days for sure. That's real collection. The footfalls are quite bad. It wont pick up literally anymore. Pack up!!!

  3. Thanks Addatoday for being true in reporting. I am glad Addatoday mentioned Average hold for Day 4 as other websites are falsely reporting string hold and passes Monday test whereas that's not the case. For a Monday all lang collection of 37 Cr...the Monday collection should have been 20 cr approx for a Good Strong hold. 18 Cr should have been a decent one. 16 is definitely average and Tuesday shows it's going down further.

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