Brahmastra (Day 15) and Chup (Day 1) Box Office Opening Update on National Cinema Day, An Earth Shattering Start

Brahmastra and to some extent Chup are all set to create history at the box office this Friday on the occasion of National Cinema Day. Both films have taken a historic start at the ticket counters with Sold Out shows reported from the first show itself. This is never heard and seen in a long time.

Ticket prices are capped at INR 75 and the direct benefit has gone to Brahmastra and Chup. Coming to Brahmashtra first. The film has still a good number of screens across India despite film entering the 3rd week. The film has taken an opening of an unprecedented 95-100% in the morning shows. Samples are from multiplexes only. There is no doubt that the film will take an earth-shattering opening on single screens also wherever 75 rupees capping is done.

The story is the same for Chup also as the film has taken an opening of 70-80% or even more at places. This is simply insane as in a normal scenario, the film might have taken an opening of 15-20% or at the most 25%. This means Chup is all set to collect in excess of 2 crore nett for the day. There is a possibility of film touching 3 cr nett or even more for the day if film maintains this pace. Who would have predicted that prior to its release? In a normal scenario, the film may have collected 1-1.5 crore nett for the day at the most.

Brahmastra is eyeing a double-digit score for the day. A 7-8 crore nett opening is taken as the film has garnered historic advances. If spot booking and single screens come to the party then the film can easily zoom past the double-digit mark. Don't be surprised if film eyes anywhere between 10-12 crore NBOC for the day. That will be unimaginable considering the film collected 2.6 cr NBOC on the 2nd Thursday.

Occupancy Report for 23rd September 2022 (Multiplexes only) - 

Brahmastra (Hindi) - 95-100%

Chup - 70-80% 


  1. Mazaa a gaya .. Brahmastra rocks .

  2. If today is a big day because anyone who hasn't seen the movie will see it today, are we saying the film will crash from tomorrow onwards?!!

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