Raksha Bandhan Sunday (4th Day) Collection Early Trends

Raksha Bandhan has failed to show any major jump on Sunday (4th day) at the box office as early trends for the day is coming in. This is absolutely shocking to say the least. We don't have any adjective left to describe the poor box office business of Raksha Bandhan.

Yes, Laal Singh Chaddha is also underperforming but Raksha Bandhan collections are even worse. Looks like film will fail to touch a double-digit score on any single day despite having an extended holiday period. 

Independence Day weekend is one of the biggest of the year as far as box office is concerned and Raksha Bandhan has failed in this period. God knows what would have been collections if it was released in a normal period. In addition to the Independence period, the Raksha Bandhan holiday also fell this weekend and film failed to take that benefit also. 

Now coming to Sunday box office performance. Raksha Bandhan's occupancy details for day 4 are given below. When samples of Day 4 are compared to Day 3 then just 15% growth is seen. A 15% jump is nothing considering the film had a horrific Saturday.

Occupancy Report for Sunday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 20%

Noon - 25-30%

Evening-Night - 25-27%

The early trend suggests Raksha Bandhan Fourth Day Box Office Collection is heading towards a very poor 7.25-7.5 (+/-) crore nett range. These are early estimates from limited samples and the final count for the day may vary.

Thus, Raksha Bandhan's total business at the end of day 4 is heading towards the 28.5 (+/-) crore nett range. Ideally, the film should have done a business of 45 crore nett by now. It means the film has fallen short of a par score by around 16-17 crores at least.


  1. These should be done at least after a 6 months gap.
    People simply don't seem interested as they know they can catch the movie in 4 weeks on OTT. Everyone has Internet nowadays.

  2. Best Akshay Kumar movie till date he is a huge star and must be watched on big screen. can't stop sobbing in some emotional scenes

    1. Huge star matlab kuch bhi....3 flop in a row...3 movie combines not even cross 200cr...huge star my foot....prithviraj biggest disaster of all time

  3. Cannadian kumar join another Flop in list๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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