Raksha Bandhan Day 5 (Monday) Collection Update for Morning Shows, Opens Low Again

Raksha Bandhan has opened lowly again on Monday (5th day) also which is an Independence Day Holiday. This is absolutely shocking as Independence Day is a national holiday and is easily one of the biggest boosters for the box office. 

There is simply no doubt that the film is totally rejected by the audiences. Only hope that the film gathers good momentum as the day progresses. It will be a big surprise and disappointment if the film fails to cross Day 1 figures on Independence day now. Scoring a double-digit looks highly improbable as for that film needs much better occupancy than what it is getting now.

Raksha Bandhan has opened to 15-20% occupancy in the morning shows today. For the same, Sunday opening was 20% or so. That means a drop of 10-15% when only morning shows are taken into consideration. This is highly surprising as Monday occupancy should have been at least on par if not better than Sunday.

Occupancy Report for Morning Shows (Samples only) - 

Monday - 15-20%

Sunday - 20%

Saturday - 15%

Friday - 12%

Thursday - 15%


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