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Star Cast - Vijay Deverakonda, Ananya Panday, Mike Tyson

Director - Puri Jagannadh

Release Date - 25 August 2022

Total Reviews - 12

Average Score - 1.33/5

Overall Word of Mouth (Critics) - Extremely Negative!

1. India Today -

Rating Score -> 2/5
Liger also joins the long list of films that blame women for men getting distracted. The film makes us question if the team spent ample time writing the script. If only Puri Jagannadh, Charmme Kaur and Karan Johar had set aside half of the time and money for the script instead of the promotions, Liger could have been a much better film. If only.

2. NDTV -

Rating Score -> 1/5
It is massive mess of a movie that Vijay Deverakonda's newfangled physique and action chops cannot salvage. As for the other actors in the cast, they ham their way through and compete to outshout each other. Liger is a movie best avoided.

3. Indian Express -

Rating Score -> 1/5
Vijay Deverakonda film is a cringe-fest of mammoth proportions. There’s nothing new or fresh about the ingredients that go into the making of this Vijay Deverakonda film. The plot is filled with all kinds of outlandish situations, and the treatment is jaded.

4. News 18 -

Rating Score -> 1.5/5
Liger was targeted to be this crossbreed cinema that was filmed simultaneously in Telugu and Hindi. Aimed as the first pan-Indian film, Vijay Deverakonda surely misses the punch. At 140 minutes, Liger seems so long that by the end, I started feeling why did I get into this ‘Aafat.’

5. The Hindu -

Rating Score -> n/a
This big-ticket film that aimed for pan-India attention ended up as an embarrassment. At the start of the film, the protagonist says that he is not good at narrating a story, but he will try. Perhaps that was a warning about the film. Thankfully, Liger does not end on a note that allows room for a sequel.

6. The Week -

Rating Score -> 2/5
Liger tries to be many things and ends up being neither a blockbuster nor a convincing tale of a common man’s road to success addressing his personal turmoil that the audience could have empathised with. Instead, it is a confused mesh of predictable elements and a patched up climax. The movie isn’t the worth the anticipation.

7. Taran Adarsh -

Rating Score -> 1.5/5
#Liger: OUTDATED. Rating: ⭐️½ #Liger fails to meet the expectations... An absolute waste of talent, resources and opportunity... #VijayDeverakonda deserved a better launch in #Hindi movies... This #Liger just doesn't roar! #LigerReview

8. Rediff -

Rating Score -> 1/5
Bushy-haired, bearded caveman of contemporary era leaping in air to the sound of deafening drums and pummelling half a dozen ruffians while the birdbrained heroine claps her hands in glee, Liger and its moth-eaten ways show little regard for its craft, cast or the cringing-by-the-second audience.

9. Deccan Herald -

Rating Score -> 1/5
'Liger' is a great example of what happens when you believe an idea to be the script. Puri must have been excited to name his protagonist 'Liger', a crossbreed of his lion-like father and a tigress-like mother But he hasn't bothered to flesh out a decent story. As a result, the movie is a crossbreed of mediocritiy and datedness. 

10. Komal Nahta -

Rating Score -> n/a
Liger has a fairly good first half but not a matching second half and it will, therefore, not get the love of the public commensurate with the bigness of the film. It is a film mostly for the masses and the small centres.

11. Anupama Chopra -

Rating Score -> n/a

12. Mid-day -

Rating Score -> 1/5
Frankly, as a film buff, you shouldn*t even be looking at this review - peer at the post pandemic, theatrical box-office instead. If this is what it takes to desperately bring masses in, so other better stuff can be made/released still - so be it, I guess.


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