Liger Day 2 (Saturday) Collection Early Estimates, Remains Flat

Liger is heading for a flat day 2 (Saturday) at the box office as early trends for the Hindi version is coming in. The trend is bad and looks like the film will fail to show any jump now.

Liger 2 is reporting occupancy of 12-13% approx for the 2nd day. Occupancy is pretty low but because of the good screen count film should have a decent second-day total. A decent total is not enough as the film needed more than that as it is carrying significant cost.

Even if we take Liger's Hindi first day total as decent, still it should have seen a jump of 30-40% for Saturday if not more. Here, it is simply flat. In a few places, there is a bit of jump and in others, there is a drop seen. 

The early trend suggests Liger Hindi's second day business is heading towards the 4-4.5 (+/-) crore nett range. These are early estimates from limited samples and the final count for the day may vary.

It means Liger's two day total is heading towards the 10 (+/-) crore nett range. There is an important cricket match happening between India and Pakistan on Sunday and the film might see a dent in occupancy in the second half of the day. Considering that factor Liger's first weekend total is trending towards the 14.5-15 (+/-) crore nett range. That will be a below-par total for the opening weekend. 


  1. Criminal Antim (60min role) life time 37Cr- avg rating. Vijay with Disaster talk 39 nett in 4 days... Vijay>>> Selmon thoo๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. well said. Fake Khan stardom is done and dusted

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