Shamshera struggling to get past the Double Digit Score for the First Day

Shamshera is facing a really tough time on the very first day at the Indian box office. The film is unable to get good momentum all through the day and it looks like may fail to touch even a double-digit score for the day. 

If that happens it will be a big shock considering it is carrying a heavy budget. In addition to that Ranbir Kapoor is making his big screen presence after a long time and that also with a YRF film.

Shamshera started the day slowly with low occupancy of 15% approx. Film remain mostly flat in noon shows and registered 15-20% occupancy. The film did register some jump from evening onwards but again it was limited only. As per the latest, the film is reporting occupancy of around 25-30%. This is again low as evening occupancy should have been 40% or even more in an ideal case scenario.

Occupancy Report of Shamshera for Friday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 15%

Noon - 15-20%

Evening-Night - 25-30%

Despite low occupancy, Shamshera will collect something as the film is released on 4000 plus screens across India. As per the early trend, Shamshera First Day Box Office Collection is heading towards a 9-9.5 (+/-) crore nett range. These are early estimates and the final count for the day may vary.

Ideally, Shamshera needed to collect 13-15 crore nett at least for the day. That would have been a par score. It looks like film Friday numbers will remain much below the par score now. Shamshera will need a big jump now on Saturday and even on Sunday to put up a decent total for the weekend. If the film fails to see necessary growth on Day 2 then it will be all over.

Critic's reviews are mostly negative for the film so far which is a bad sign. But again audiences don't give a damn to critic's reviews. They give importance only to the word of mouth of the theatre-going audiences. We will have a word-of-mouth report on Shamshera by tomorrow morning. Hope it is on the positive side.

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