Samrat Prithviraj Friday (1st Day) Collection Estimates, Decent Start

Samrat Prithviraj is heading towards a decent first day (Friday) at the box office as early trends are coming in. The start is neither great nor bad. It is somewhere in between. The film will now need a big push on Saturday and Sunday to put up a respectable first weekend total.

Prithviraj opened to 18-20% occupancy in the morning shows today. Multiplex opened to 15% and single screens opened to 20-25% approx. The film showed a limited jump in noon shows and reported 20-25% occupancy.

Till noon it was looking as if the film might end with a single-digit opening for the day. However, the good news is that film has picked up some pace from evening onwards and is showing better occupancy. Occupancy is still not that great but at least better than the first half of the day. As per the latest film is reporting 35% occupancy.

Samrat Prithviraj Occupancy Report for Friday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 18-20%

Noon - 20-25%

Evening-Night - 35%

Overall occupancy for the day so far stands at around 25-27%. Still, night shows are left, and hope that final occupancy for the day increases once night shows for the day are finished.

The early trend suggests Samrat Prithviraj Day 1 Box Office Collection is heading towards a 10 (+/-) crore nett range. These are early estimates and the final count for the day may vary. Honestly opening is below the mark when we see the film is carrying a big budget. Ideally, film needed an opening in excess of the 15 crore nett mark.

However, the film has also picked up the pace and needs to carry the momentum on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday needs growth in the range of 40%-50% or even more. Anything less will be alarming for the film. It is a long road ahead for the film.

Kindly note that these are early estimates only. A large pool of data from interiors is awaited. Also, night shows are just started and reports are awaited. Hence, actuals may vary from the estimates.


  1. Aaj 11 cr hoga lifetime 140cr flop likhe rakho

    1. As on today, 100cr looks like an uphill task unless movie picks up over the weekend

  2. Barbaad hogae film first day .it will collect max 8.5 cr to 9cr in hindi language

  3. Decent start....if these start would have been taken by salman film..then pura india disaster bolta..and you are saying decent start..that to for a film which has budget of 300cr rupees

  4. How 10cr is a decent start for such big budget movie?

  5. Total Disaster because of 300cr budget.
    Bollywood movies giving Disaster again, very bad situation.

  6. Akshi Mr flopπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. prithviraj ka budget 300 cr hai jisme (130 cr toh sirf Akshay ki fees hai)
    toh ye film 170cr me bani hai,

    amazon prime se 120 cr + Satellite Rights/music se 80 cr,
    matlab is film ne 120+80 = 200cr release se pahle kama hi chuki hai film
    to budget300-profit200 = 100 cr ka profit aur kamana hai
    jiske liye bure se bure halat me 100 cr net matlab (200cr worldwide gross) karna hi padega,
    aur nahi kiya to agar kanooni roop se akshay baadhya nahi hai to fir sirf insaaniyat ke nate jo 130 cr ki fees li hai usme se kuch wapas kar sakte hai,
    unki daya par nirbhar hai producer ya distributor,

    1. Economics is important and I hope producer recovers their cost... Important point being big budget big banner and so called biggest star and opening is 10cr... This isn't good for anyone...

      Funny part is this article says it's a decent start ... Apne tou samajh nahi aaraha how to react....

    2. Akshay Kumar khud producer hai. Tho fees vapas karna kya matlab hai? Mere isaab se yeh fillm success hi hoga. Jo bura chahte hai ki woh desh ka itihas ka sachch maan ne ke liye thayar nahi. Kau hai woh log, aap pehachan sakte. Kashmir Files ki thar ha, har ek Hindu jo Sanatan dharam ko bachaneke liye khadna chaahta, ye film dekhe aur desh ka itihas ko badalne ka or samajh ne ka prayas kare.

  8. Ye sala dalaal bjp ke pass jata h movie ka perchaar krne πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

  9. I admire real king prithviraj, however i dont know when i see akshay kumar in the role of king prithviraj i cant relate it, he looks more of real akshay in his other commercial movie like housefuls bala bala . I feel it will be a big flop, other movie released that is major and vikram is really good and major also real story of a loyal soldier, i will prefer that to this one

  10. 1st day 11 cr
    Weeekend 40-50cr
    1st week 80cr
    Lifetime 150 cr
    Budget 300cr
    Verdict disaster

  11. People aren't understanding that dynamics of box office has changed a lot after pandemic. Just to troll an actor there are pointless comparisons going on especially by so called fans of all the superstars. Be it Akshay, Ajay, Salman, Shahrukh or Salman if the movie isn't commercial entertainer or out and out action film it will open low no matter who stars in the movie. We have seen Bhool bhulaiya 2 collecting way more than expectations because it is a perfect family entertainer. People are coming to watch either Action movies or out and out entertainers. Also the 4 week OTT release is holding back many people including me.
    These are the movies that were scheduled to release before pandemic so now producers and actors will understand the changing demand of audience.
    Just enjoy the movies. Your fan war isn't gonna affect the actor at allπŸ˜‚

    1. There is no fan war here... Everyone seems to be shocked with 10-11cr opening day for such big movie with big production house and big superstar...

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