Runway 34 Day 6 (Wednesday) Collection Update for Morning Shows

Runway 34 has taken a slightly better start on Wednesday (day 6) at the box office. The start is a little better than 1st Monday. Actually, the film is trending well, but the problem is that collections are at a low level.

Runway 34 has opened to 9-10% occupancy in the morning shows. For the same, 1st Monday opening was around 8%. It means a jump of 15-20% is seen when only morning shows samples are taken into account.

Runway 34 Occupancy Details for Morning Shows (Samples only) - 

Wednesday - 9-10%

Tuesday - 18-20%

Monday - 8%

Sunday - 23-25%

Saturday - 13-15%

Friday - 10%


  1. Gutkha uncle seems to get lot of support for his flops. Admit and move on

  2. Ajay did a blunder by signing disaster uncle Amitabh Bachchan in the film. The power of making movies disasters lies with this old dilapidated horse. He is the same uncle who ended 100% hit streak of Amir Khan in this decade by making THUGS OF HINDOSTAN a disaster.

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