Doctor Strange vs KGF 2 vs Runway 34 vs Heropanti 2 Screen Count as of 6th May 2022

Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse Of Madness is the big release this week. This Hollywood biggie has managed to get a big release across India. Not only the big release but also the film should get a very good opening on Friday.

Now coming to the screen count of Doctor Strange. It has managed to get around 3000 screens across India. This is fantastic and it means the film can create havoc at the box office if it manages to get good occupancy for the opening weekend. The chances of happening are very realistic at this moment.

KGF 2 despite entering into the fourth week has managed to retain good screens across India. Film's Hindi version has retained around 1200-1300 screens approx. This is a big number considering the film is already into week four and on verge of touching 400 crore nett business.

Screening of Runway 34 and Heropanti 2 is heavily reduced for the week. Runway 34 is getting around 500-550 screens approx, whereas Heropanti 2 is getting around 300 screens. Looks like both films' fate is sealed at the box office and may not collect much from here on.

Screen Count as of 6th May 2022

Doctor Strange (Week 1) - 3000 approx

KGF 2 (Week 4) - 1200-1300 approx

Runway 34 (Week 2) - 500-550 approx

Heropanti 2 (Week 2) - 300 approx

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