Doctor Strange 2 Sunday (3rd Day) Collection Estimates, Shows Further Jump

Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness is heading towards a fabulous Sunday (3rd day) at the box office. The film is chasing 30 crore nett for the day and looks like it will be touch and go. It all depends on how the film performs in night shows and interiors.

Doctor Strange 2 is showing a jump of 10-15% on Sunday from Saturday. Jump is very good considering the film did excellent on day 2. The film did show a jump of 20% around till afternoon shows. However, there is a substantial drop in occupancy seen from evening onwards and it means the overall jump will be around 10% or so.

The early trend suggests Doctor Strange 2 Day 3 Collection is heading towards the 29-30 (+/-) crore nett range. These are early estimates and the final count for the day may vary. Doctor Strange 2 First Weekend Business in India is heading towards 83-84 (+/-) crore nett mark.

Doctor Strange 2 is a Hit in India on the power of superlative first weekend business. Business on weekdays will determine whether film can get Super Hit or even Blockbuster status or not. 


  1. Except Bollywood..All other cinemas are working in Hindi..😐
    I think Bollywood need to change its name in order to run films.😉

    1. Gutkhawood should work.. that's all they are good at :)

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