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May 28, 2022

Anek Day 2 (Saturday) Box Office Collection Update for Morning

Anek is showing a poor start on Saturday (2nd day) also as early samples for the morning shows are coming in. Trend is not looking good and looks like it will be another setback for the film industry. 

Anek has opened to 10% occupancy in the morning shows of day 2. The opening is very poor. For the same samples, Friday's opening was around 7-8%. A jump of 30% is seen today when only morning shows are taken into account.

Anek Occupancy Report for Morning Shows (Samples only) - 

Saturday - 10%

Friday - 7-8%

Anek had a very poor run on day one at the box office. Ideally, the film needs miraculous growth from here on. A 60-70% jump or even more would have been a good recovery. But early trend suggests Anek may fail to see such growth for the Saturday. Let's see how thing proceeds as the day progresses.


  1. Thanks to all movie lovers for rejecting this piece of Junk & Propaganda. This is nothing short of a THAPPAD on the face of that arrogant & abusive Anubhav Sinha who thinks of himself as nothing less than Martin Scorsese despite making garbages like Ra.One, Cash, Mulk, Thappad, & now this Anek.

    1. Khangress propagandist anubhav still thinks audience are idiots

  2. Audience is exhausted with these boring movies by Ayushman n Rajkumar Rao now....Anubhav Sinha is a boring directory.. who tries to propagate his political agenda through his movies and fails in both.

    Everybody thinks after Kashmir Files that they can make these 20 cr movies and earn 200 crores..

  3. Week after week, another Disaster. What is happening?!!

    1. “What is happening?” - Rejection of Bollywood.

      And don’t trust the numbers of Bhool Bhulaiya either. 2/3rd of collection has come via ticket distribution to event management companies in all major cities. It is being done simply to save Prithviraj. If BB2 had flopped miserably then cinema owners wouldn’t have given enough screens to YRF.