The Kashmir Files had an OUTSTANDING Fourth Week at the Box Office


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April 8, 2022

The Kashmir Files had an OUTSTANDING Fourth Week at the Box Office

The Kashmir Files had an outstanding fourth week at the box office. Despite the film facing competition in Attack and RRR, it performed very well from the 4th Friday onwards. 

TKF hold extremely well on 4th Friday and then showed huge growth through 4th Saturday and Sunday. The film then hold strongly on the 4th Monday and showed excellent trending through the week.

TKF has collected a fantastic 9.95 crore nett approx in week four. Film added 6.75 crore nett approx on weekend and rest 3.2 crore nett on weekdays. In the process, the film has touched the 248 crore nett mark in India and is now all set to touch 250 crore nett in the fifth weekend.

The Kashmir Files should touch 250 crore nett by the end of the 4th Sunday. The film lifetime collection is trending towards the 255 crore nett mark. TKF is a huge BLOCKBUSTER at the box office and easily one of the all-time best when the return on investment is taken into account.

Collection Breakup - 

Friday - 3.55 crore nett

Saturday - 8.5 crore nett

Sunday - 15.1 crore nett 

Monday - 15.05 crore nett

Tuesday - 18 crore nett

Wednesday - 19.05 crore nett

Thursday - 18.05 crore nett

Week 1 - 97.3 crore nett

2nd Friday - 19.15 crore nett

2nd Saturday - 24.8 crore nett

2nd Sunday - 26.2 crore nett

2nd Monday - 12.4 crore nett

2nd Tuesday - 10.25 crore nett

2nd Wednesday - 10 crore nett

2nd Thursday - 7.2 crore nett

Week 2 - 110 crore nett

3rd Friday - 4.5 crore nett

3rd Saturday - 7.6 crore nett

3rd Sunday - 8.75 crore nett

3rd Monday - 3.1 crore nett

3rd Tuesday - 2.75 crore nett

3rd Wednesday - 2.25 crore nett

3rd Thursday - 2 crore nett

Week 3 - 30.95 crore nett

4th Friday - 1.5 crore nett

4th Saturday - 2.25 crore nett

4th Sunday - 3 crore nett

4th Monday to Thursday - 3.2 crore nett

Total - 248.2 crore nett approx

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