KGF 2 Day 13 (2nd Tuesday) Collection Estimates, Excellent Hold

KGF: Chapter 2 is showing excellent hold on the 2nd Tuesday (13th day) at the box office as early trends for the day are coming in. The film is reporting a nominal drop from the previous day and thus heading towards a very good box office score for the day.

KGF 2 occupancy details for day 13 are given below. When samples are compared to the previous day the drop is just 10% or so. In a few places, the drop is even a little less than that. Simply fantastic again!

The early trend suggests KGF 2 Second Tuesday Collection is heading towards a fantastic 7 (+/-) crore nett approx. These are early estimates and the final count for the day may vary. Thus, KGF 2 total business at the end of day 13 is heading towards a massive 336-337 (+/-) crore nett approx.

KGF 2 Occupancy Details for 2nd Tuesday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 15%

Noon - 15-17%

Evening + Night - 30%

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