KGF 2 Advance Booking Report, All Set for Record Shattering Start

KGF 2 is turning out to be a box office monster as the film is receiving excellent advances all across the country. Be it metros or big cities or even interiors. The craze for the film is simply unparalleled and looks like the film will take a record opening start on the 14th of April.

There is a big release in Jersey also, especially in the Hindi belt, but despite that KGF 2 is getting more screens as per the last report and recording better advances. Film ticket prices are also kept at an all-time high and on par with RRR. That should also boost the box office collection of KGF 2 in the extended opening weekend.

KGF was a hit in the Hindi belt and there is no doubt looking at the advances that the second installment will take a monstrous start from day one itself and should emerge as a Smash Hit in the first week itself unless there is a big collapse from the second day onwards. That looks highly unlikely at this moment.

Many shows of KGF 2 are reported Sold Out as per the last information. This is unthinkable! The story is the same be it the big cities or interiors. In fact, advances are better in the interiors and smaller centers. 

When see check the samples 30-40% of tickets are already Sold Out for the opening day wherever advances are started. In few cinema halls, it is above 50%. And there are still four days to go. God knows where advances will reach by the start of 1st Thursday morning shows. 

Details advance booking report will be given close to the release of the film. KGF 2 should easily take the best opening as far as occupancy is concerned post-pandemic times. 

The question is how many screens Jersey will snatch from KGF 2. Had KGF 2 got a solo release it would have easily cracked the 50 crore NBOC on the opening day itself in the Hindi version. Now as screens will be much fewer because of Jersey, it will be interesting to see where the film lands on day one. A 25-30 crore nett opening is a possibility. It can go even higher towards 30-40 crore nett. Again we will have a clear picture by end of 13th April or by the start of 14th April. Stay tuned for more updates on KGF 2.


  1. South movie's are showing the way.
    Bollywood movies haven't made any start at the box office lately, majority all Flops.
    Bollywood is collapsing.

    1. South is for Entertainment and Bolly is all about Politics, Agenda & Propaganda

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