Jersey is Postponed by One Week, Releases 22nd April 2022

Jersey is now officially postponed by one week and will get released in theatres on 22nd April 2022. It's a well-thought decision as the film is clashing with KGF 2 earlier this week. 

Because of the clash, Jersey would have hardly got the necessary screens and showings. The bigger problem is KGF 2 advances are simply historic and going by that logic it would have decimated Jersey from day one itself. Audiences would have preferred KGF 2 over Jersey. 

As Jersey will release next week, it will get some breathing space and shows now. In addition at the time of the release of Jersey, KGF 2 will enter day 9 and by then a major chunk of the audience had watched KGF 2. Overall we think it is a balanced decision by the makers leaving their ego aside.


  1. Good decision, otherwise Jersey would have been hit for six!!

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