Jersey 4th Day (Monday) Collection Estimates, Game Over

Jersey is registering a big drop in collection on 1st Monday (day 4) at the box office as early trends are coming in. This is extremely sad news as it is looking all over for the film. Looks like the film will lose all its steam by the end of the first week itself.

Jersey occupancy details for day 4 are given below. When samples are compared to Friday a drop in the region of 40-45% is seen. Generally, such a drop is acceptable but not in the case of Jersey. The film already performed poorly on day one and a significant drop on Monday is the final nail in the coffin.

The early trend suggests Jersey's fourth day collection is heading towards a very poor 2-2.25 (+/-) crore nett approx. These are early estimates and the final count for the day may vary. Jersey total business at the end of day 4 is heading towards the 17 (+/-) crore nett range.

Jersey Occupancy Report for Monday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 9-10%

Noon - 10-11%

Evening + Night - 15%

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