Attack Saturday (Day 2) Collection Update for Morning Shows

Attack has again taken a slow start in the morning shows for the second day running. The trend of the film is not looking good at this moment, as it desperately needs good growth on Saturday. 

Attack has reported an occupancy of 10-15% on Day 2 morning shows. For the same, Friday's opening was 12%. It means the occupancy level is near about similar level. In a few places, a nominal jump is seen whereas in others nominal drop is seen. 

Attack needs a jump of 40-50% or even more on Saturday to have some decent trending at the box office. Flat occupancy in the morning is a bad sign. Hope film shows necessary growth in the latter half of the day otherwise it will be all over for the film.

Occupancy Report for Morning Shows (Samples only) - 

Saturday - 10-15%

Friday - 12%


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