The Kashmir Files on Ramage on Sunday (Day 3) at the Box Office, Sensational Trending

The Kashmir Files is on rampage mode on Sunday (day 3) at the box office as the film is on sensational trending all across the country. Don't know when last time we saw such trending. Maybe URI, but again trending is even better than that.

The Kashmir Files is reported Sold Out from the first show itself. The craze is the best to date post the pandemic times. Screening is getting increased with each day. Ground-level word of mouth is simply outstanding.

The early trend suggests The Kashmir Files Sunday Collection is trending towards a huge 14 (+/-) crore nett range. These are early estimates and the final count for the day may vary. Who knows the actuals may come even higher than the estimates.

Collection Breakup - 

Friday - 3.55 crore nett

Saturday - 8.5 crore nett

Sunday - 14 (+/-) crore nett approx

Total - 26.05 crore nett approx

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