Jhund Day 6 (Wednesday) Box Office Collection - Thread

Jhund movie starring Amitabh Bachchan is released on 4th March 2022. Here is the thread where we will track its Box Office Collection, Advance Booking, Screen Count, Budget, Hit or Flop Verdict, etc.

Jhund Day 6 (Wednesday) Box Office Collection - Awaited

Jhund Day 5 (Tuesday) Box Office Collection - 1.2 cr nett approx

Jhund Day 4 (Monday) Box Office Collection - 1.1 cr nett approx

Jhund Day 3 (Sunday) Box Office Collection - 2.25 cr nett approx

Jhund Day 2 (Saturday) Box Office Collection - 1.75 cr nett approx

Jhund Day 1 (Friday) Box Office Collection - 1.25 cr nett approx

Jhund Total Box Office Collection - 7.55 cr nett approx

Jhund Budget - INR 22 crores

Jhund Screen Count - Week 1 - 1200-1300 approx

Jhund Hit or Flop Verdict - Awaited


  1. Another Bollywood Flop unfortunately.
    What is going on!!

  2. Amitabh Bachchan can turn any interesting script into flop. He is a zero and if anything is multiplied by zero that becomes zero.

  3. Really! He is biggest superstar ever..whose 7 films were simultaneously blockbusters..u have zero knowledge about movies

  4. He is an institution by himself..all other heroes are zeros in front of him

  5. Collections will definitely rise gradually

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