Bachchhan Paandey First Day Collection Early Estimates, Very Good Start

Bachchan Pandey has taken a very good start at the box office on opening Friday (1st Day) despite facing stiff opposition in The Kashmir Files. The film has stood its own and people have thronged to theatres in numbers to watch the flick.

Bachchhan Paandey opened with 40% occupancy in the morning shows in very limited shows. The film performed better in the noon and reported 50% occupancy again in limited shows. The film has come to its own from evening onwards and as per the latest, it is reporting a very good occupancy of 68-70%.

Night shows are just started or are yet to start and hence reports are awaited. Interior reports for the day are awaited but whatever limited information we have film is doing good to very good business there. 

It is too early to make any prediction for the day as a lot of data are awaited at this moment. Still, if we have to make a guess then Bachchhan Paandey First Day collection will go past the double-digit mark. In fact, the current trend suggests film Friday business should be anywhere between 13-14 (+/-) crore nett range. Again these are early estimates and a lot of things might change by end of the day. Hence the actuals may vary from our estimates. 

Bachchhan Paandey Occupancy Report for Friday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 40% (Very Limited Shows)

Noon - 50% (Limited Shows)

Evening-Night - 68-70% 


  1. TKF 22Cr, BP 11 Cr ... Disaster

  2. Kaya ka very good start holiday solo relise phir bhi 13 cr budget 180cr toh flop hai kal se bura haal hoga monday se toh tata bye bye

    1. Teri maiya ke paas jayega kya Bachchan pandey

  3. Seems like the grand opening day of 10/11/12 Crores has become a new normal for mega budget bollyflops, and appears that producers have even accepted it as their fait accompli. This is the price you pay for going to JNU & standing with Tukde Tukde Gang, for protesting against CAA which was to provide citizenships to Hindus/Sikhs from Pak, for promoting nepotism & discouraging talented individuals upto the point of forcing them into drugs & ultimately taking their lives, for colluding with ISI agents like Anul Musarat & Toni Ashai.

  4. Good thing about Bachchan Pandey is that makers are already in 25 cr profit.

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