Pushpa Hindi Demolition Continues on 4th Friday (Day 22), Simply Unshakable

Pushpa Hindi demolition continues on the 4th Friday (22nd Day) also as the film has shown literally no drop as such. The film has started the fourth week on a very strong note and it is now challenging the unthinkable 100 crore net now.

Pushpa Hindi has collected 2 crore net approx on the 22nd Day. Collections are exactly similar to 3rd Thursday. There is simply no drop as such. Even if there had been a drop it would have been acceptable as Pushpa is already performing at its best level.

Pushpa is certain to show a good jump on the 4th Saturday (23rd Day) as there is literally no competition for the film. Pushpa is now almost certain to cruise past 90 crore net. If the cinema hall remains open for another 10 days then it will definitely hit the century mark. Pushpa Hindi's total collection currently stands at 74.5 crore net approx. It's a MASSive Blockbuster! 

Pushpa Hindi Collection (Nett) - 

Friday - 3.3 crore net

Saturday - 3.8 crore net

Sunday - 5.55 crore net

Monday - 3.7 crore net

Tuesday - 3.6 crore net

Wednesday - 3.5 crore net

Thursday - 3.4 crore net

Week 1 - 26.85 crore net

2nd Friday - 2.3 crore net

2nd Saturday - 3.75 crore net

2nd Sunday - 4.25 crore net

2nd Monday - 2.75 crore net

2nd Tuesday - 2.5 crore net

2nd Wednesday - 2.4 crore net

2nd Thursday - 2.25 crore net

Week 2 - 20.2 crore net

3rd Friday - 3.5 crore net

3rd Saturday - 6.1 crore net

3rd Sunday - 6.25 crore net

3rd Monday - 2.75 crore net

3rd Tuesday - 2.5 crore net

3rd Wednesday - 2.25 crore net

3rd Thursday - 2.05 crore net

Week 3 - 25.4 crore net

4th Friday - 2 crore net approx

Total - 74.45 crore net approx


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