83 showing Good Jump on Day 9 (2nd Saturday)

83 is showing good growth on Second Saturday (9th Day) as the early trends for the day are coming in. The film is reporting a significant jump as today is New Year Holiday. Expect a good total by the end of the day.

83 occupancy details for the day are given below. When samples are compared to the 2nd Friday then a jump in the region of 40 or even 50% is seen. This is good growth. As Jersey is postponed, 83 is getting most of the benefits and a free run. Family audiences have come out in numbers today.

The early trend suggests 83 Day 9 total is heading towards 6 crore net or even more than that. These are early estimates and the final count for the day may vary. Thus, 83 total business at the end of day 9 is heading towards 82 crore net plus. 

Despite a good jump on Day 9, the overall box office numbers of 83 are below the mark. The second week gives it a chance to recover some ground. Let's see now how thing unfolds on the 2nd Sunday (Day 10).

Occupancy Report for 2nd Saturday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 23-25%

Noon - 40-45%

Night - 50%

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