83 Second Tuesday (Day 12) Box Office Collection

83 movie has gone further down on 2nd Tuesday (12th day). The film has reported a drop of 15-20% from 2nd Monday which is significant considering 2nd Monday collections were already poor. It means the game is all over for 83.

83 has collected 1.5 crore net approx on day 12. Thus, the film total currently stands at 94.75 crore net approx. The film should touch 97-97.5 crore net by the end of the second week. 

83 should touch 100 crore net inside the third week. But the main problem is cinema halls are getting closed one by one. Hence, there is very little chance of collecting significant once the film reaches 100. It means the Indian Theatrical Distributor share may remain under 50 crores. That is simply shocking, to say the least.

Collection Breakup - 

Friday - 12.65 crore net

Saturday - 16.95 crore net

Sunday - 17.4 crore net

Monday - 7.3 crore net 

Tuesday - 6.7 crore net

Wednesday - 5.65 crore net

Thursday - 5.2 crore net

2nd Friday - 4.35 crore net

2nd Saturday - 7.75 crore net

2nd Sunday - 7.3 crore net

2nd Monday - 2 crore net

2nd Tuesday - 1.5 crore net

Total (All Languages) - 94.75 crore net


  1. Everyone knows the story, but the 4 minute trailer showed so much that it was a mini film, so why watch the movie.
    Really bad when the trailer shows the full story.

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