83 on a Free Fall Mode on Second Wednesday (Day 13)

83 movie is on a free-fall mode on 2nd Wednesday (13th day) at the box office. This is simply disheartening, to say the least. Earlier, the film was under-performing but at least showing a decent trend. But after the holiday period is over film is going down the road and that also very fast.

As samples for Day 13 are coming in film is reporting a significant drop of 20-25% from the previous day. Yes, Wednesday tends to show a bigger drop but 20-25% is too much. That also considering 2nd Tuesday collections were already low.

The early trend suggests 83 Second Wednesday collection is heading towards a poor 1-1.25 crore net range. Again these are early estimates and the actuals may vary. The film is now even struggling to stay afloat.

83 total business at the end of 13th Day is heading towards 96 crore net range. Just a few days back it was looking as if that film will definitely cruise past the 100 crore net mark in India. 

A 115-120 crore net lifetime business was looking like a possibility just a few days back. But now the film is slowing down its pace rapidly and is struggling very badly. Yes, it will touch the 100 crore net mark but the lifetime collection may end up at around the 105 crore net range.


  1. Critical acclaim my foot. Get back to typical hindi film making, entertainment and family oriented. Real bollywood style and stop bullshiting with so call realistic cinema.

  2. These so called critics must be banned they only know how to use tough English words while writing movie review. Box office law: box office collection is inversely proportional to no. Of review stars😁. Recently got to know a film critic had given 1 star to 3 idiots

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