83 movie 3rd Sunday (17th Day) Collection Estimates, hits a Century

83 movie is showing growth on 3rd Sunday (17th day) at the box office. However, the growth is limited not huge. Anyways film is going simply nowhere even if it registered a big jump on day 17. The only good news is that film has hit a century at the box office.

83 is showing a jump of 15% or so from 3rd Saturday. 15 percent growth on Sunday is not at all bad for a film that is performing mainly in premium multiplexes. But in the case of 83, it is not good as the film is faring very poorly so far.

The early trend suggests, 83 Third Sunday (Day 17) Collection is heading towards a 1.5 (+/-) crore net range. It means the film total collection at the end of the 17th day is heading towards 100.5 (+/-) crore net approx.

When we consider 83 as Ranveer Singh film and is releasing post-pandemic with lots of restrictions, then the box office performance of the film looks pretty ok. But when we consider the budget of the film then collections should have been much better than the actuals. Film is an outright flop and the only saving grace is that film has hit a 100 at the box office.


  1. The problem is acceptance and expensive tickets. Even with no restrictions it would gave done another 25-30% ..still a failure...

    The movie is directed like a documentary by Kabir Khan with unnecessary Pakistan love. The movie budget should have been close to 100 cr then this would had been a decent outing . A budget over 200 cr for such a film is a stupid risk.

  2. Last wicket stand has made it go past 100!!

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