Spider-Man No Way Home is set for Bumper Start on Thursday (First Day) in India

Spider-Man No Way Home is all set for Bumper Start in India on the opening day that is on Thursday. This is despite the film releasing post-pandemic. The opening should be on par with Avengers: Infinity War and maybe even slightly ahead. It is tough to chase Endgame's box office record but at places, the film is challenging even that.

The film has received a thunderous response in ticket counters wherever advance booking is started. In fact, it is crazy. Many shows are Sold Out or near about Sold Out. This is ridiculous considering other releases are failing to have such advance booking.

We have considered samples from a few cinemas across India. Around 40% of tickets are already Sold Out in those places. This is even considering the Maharashtra belt, where a 50% occupancy cap is still existing. God knows where advances would have gone if there 100% occupancy is allowed. Still, more than 12 hours left for the first show and advances to speed up further.

The way advances are going on there is no doubt that a 25-30 crore net first day is on cards. In fact, the current trend suggests a 30-35 crore net opening. We will have a clear picture by tomorrow only. Last-minute screen allocation is still going on and we have a clear idea on screen count by midnight today.

Spider-Man advance booking has again confirmed one thing. When audiences are ready to watch a film they will come to theaters no matter what. It is still post-pandemic and Thursday is a proper working day. What would have been the collections, if the film had got a proper festive release?


  1. This is the power of Hollywood where only merit and talent counts not like Bollywood which is dominated by worthless star kids. Can you name any one Hollywood star who is a kid of another star. If Bollywood has to compete then only merit not connections should be considered otherwise in about 20 years it will be finished mark my words

    1. Very well said.
      Dominated by star kids.
      And Salman making the same same movies all the time.

    2. Sach bola akshay kumar bhi wahu gissa pitta story our third class movie karta same on candian kumar

  2. Chutiya akshay kumar ko sikhna hoga hollywood wale se tattivanshi jsisa gatiya movie banada hai

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