Spider-Man No Way Home 4th Day (Sunday) Collection Early Trends, Creates Havoc Again

Spider-Man No Way Home is heading towards a humongous Sunday (Fourth Day) at Box Office India. The film has created havoc again and ran to packed houses today across all India. Thus, the film has also crossed the 100 crore net mark in India and that also in four days flat. Film is doing historic business in India and setting new benchmarks post-covid era.

Spider-Man has opened to 65% occupancy in the morning shows on day 4. The film performed at optimum level in noon shows and registered 70-75% occupancy. Occupancy can't be more, as 50% occupancy is capped in Maharashtra and in a few other states. It is like 95-100% occupancy in a normal scenario.

Spider-Man has held extremely well in evening shows and as per the latest reporting 60-65% occupancy. There is some drop seen but again this is normal as tomorrow is Monday which is a working day. When samples of Sunday are compared to Saturday a growth of 10-15% is seen. This is very good as Saturday box office numbers were huge.

The early trend suggests Spider-Man Fourth Day Collection is heading towards a massive 28-30 (+/-) crore net range. These are early estimates and a major part of reports from interiors are awaited. Hence, the final count for the day may vary. Spider-Man extended first-weekend business is heading towards a whopping 107-109 (+/-) crore net range.

Occupancy Report for Sunday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 65% (Sat - 50-55%)

Noon - 70-75% (Sat - 65%)

Night - 60-65% (Sat - 65%)


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