Spider-Man No Way Home 2nd Wednesday (14th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows

Delhi cinema halls are closed from today onwards till further notice. There is no doubt that it will hit hard the Indian exhibition sector and more so the film that is running in theatres. Spider-Man No Way Home is one of them. 

Luckily Spider-Man is at the fag end of the second week and most of the business in Delhi is already be done. Still, there will be some effect in the business as it is running pretty well.

Now coming to Spider-Man opening on Second Wednesday (Day 14). The film has opened to similar occupancy as the previous day. Occupancy is around 20-21% minus Delhi. It means occupancy for the morning shows is very much steady.

Occupancy for Morning Shows (Samples only) - 

2nd Wednesday - 20-21% (Reduced Screens, Minus Delhi)

2nd Tuesday - 20-21% (Reduced Screens)

2nd Monday - 22-23% (Reduced Screens)

2nd Sunday - 53-55% (Reduced Screens)

2nd Saturday - 55% (Reduced Screens)

2nd Friday - 25-30% (Reduced Screens)

2nd Thursday - 16-17%

Wednesday - 18-19%

Tuesday - 22-23%

Monday - 25-27%

Sunday - 60-65%

Saturday - 50-55%

Friday - 40-45%

Thursday - 60-65%

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