Spider-Man No Way Home 2nd Thursday (8th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows

Spider-Man No Way Home is continuing its steady run at the Indian Box Office on weekdays. The film is reporting a steady start again on the 2nd Thursday (8th day) as reports for the morning shows are coming in. 

Spider-Man has opened to 16-17% occupancy in the morning shows of day 8. When samples of morning shows are compared to the previous day then a drop of 10% is seen which is very much acceptable.

Spider-Man has collected 139.5 crore net approx in the first week (7 days). Extended First Week (8 days) total is heading towards a huge 146-147 crore net range. The film will touch 150 crore net mark on the 2nd Friday that is on the 9th day. 2nd Friday hold will determine whether it can challenge for 200 crore net in India or not. It will also determine whether film can emerge as Blockbuster in India or not.

Occupancy for Morning Shows (Samples only) - 

Thursday - 16-17%

Wednesday - 18-19%

Tuesday - 22-23%

Monday - 25-27%

Sunday - 60-65%

Saturday - 50-55%

Friday - 40-45%

Thursday - 60-65%

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